Manny Hernandez Continues to Save Lives

Manny Hernandez, professor emeritus from the NIU School of Art, continues to save lives with his inexpensive yet durable and portable water filters (for more information about Manny and his work, check the blog's archives).

Manny is currently in Honduras where he is conducting a stove building workshop (another of Manny's life-saving enterprises) and distributing water filters. These ventures are being funded by the Tegucigalpa Rotary.

Manny has recently donated six weeks of his time to producing water filters and the machinery to manufacture perhaps thousands more for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Manny set up shop in the Dominican Republic working for his former student Lisa Ballantine, who currently operates a non-profit organization called FilterPure, based in Atlanta but with strong ties to the Dominican Republic. The fruits of Manny's labors were trucked into Haiti on April 11, and in May Manny will go to Haiti to set up the filter manufacturing facility there.

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