Painting Professor Featured in Solo Chicago Gallery Exhibition

The works of Nina Rizzo, assistant professor of painting in the NIU School of Art, are being featured in a solo exhibition at the Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago. "Nina Rizzo: Majestic!" features several of Nina's paintings and is described as "a body of juicy and aggressive paintings which marry Rizzo’s intense painterly concerns with her attraction and awe for the natural world and its wondrous forms."

The press release for the exhibit goes on to say "So expressive and confident is Rizzo’s application of paint, it is no surprise that her own quick wit and humor find their way to the surface as well, merging seemingly random and disparate elements into one image...Rizzo’s passion for both the ”majestic” and the banal translate into inspirational painting, as engaging and infiltrating, with as much presence and resonance as the melting icebergs of the arctic."

The exhibit opened on April 9, and continues through May 8.

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