Music Alumna Busy in Hungary

Franny Finstrom, a graduate of the NIU School of Music, has been living, studying and teaching in Hungary since 2008. With a long-term project of studying in an in-depth fashion the teaching and educational philosophies of Zoltán Kodály, Franny is working toward that goal by immersing herself in the culture and the language in order to better understand Kodály's pedagogical principals for music education. Franny teaches English and music in an elementary school in Kecskemét. This fall she will help launch their English bi-lingual program by teaching English conversation as well as teaching a music class in English.

In the summer of 2009 Franny attended the summer seminar at the Kodály Institute where she completed the piano course and studied works of Hungarian composers
Kodály, Béla Bartók, and Franz Liszt. Of her study and work in Hungary, Franny says "I am still hard at work thinking about how to realize the pillars of Kodály education in music and other subjects. One thing to me is clear: My work is in education. I am striving to position myself to study elements of teaching and learning every day in order to synthesize what I can into my personal philosophy. Thankfully, teaching full time (and in another country) gives me substantial amounts of food for thought."

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