Music Professor in "Premiere" Performance

Greg Beyer (light blue shirt) on the lake in Central Park

Greg Beyer, professor of percussion in the NIU School of Music, was a featured performer in a recent and noteworthy performance of a significant percussion ensemble work.

"Persephassa" is a work for six percussionists by Greek architect and composer Iannis Xenakis, and was performed in New York City on June 21 at the lake in Central Park. While not a true "premiere" performance, this was the first time, however, that the piece has been performed on and around a lake. "Persephassa" was intended to be performed outdoors, with the performers surrounding the audience, but instead, and more commonly, the piece is performed in concert halls with the traditional stage/audience arrangement.

This performance was part of the fourth annual "Make Music New York" festival. There is a terrific video of the performance, which showcases Greg's performance very well, here.

The performance also earned an excellent review in the New York Times, which may be found here.

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