School of Music Composer's Works at Noted Venues

Robert Fleisher, Erin Lesser, Steve Voigt

The music of Professor Robert Fleisher of the NIU School of Music has recently been featured at noteworthy venues. Bob's "Loretto Alfresco," a 40-year-old musique concrète (modified natural sound) composition, received multiple performances earlier this month during two New York music festivals. The original (1970) version, lasting just 69 seconds, was heard at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space on June 16 during the annual festival of the American Composers Alliance, founded in 1937 by Aaron Copland and others.

Bob also earned a fine review - in the June 18 issue of the New York Times, reviewer Allan Kozinn wrote: "Loretto Alfresco is endearingly low-tech: its sounds are drawn entirely from recordings of a friend striking pots, pans and other items, which Mr. Fleisher sped up, slowed down and overlaid to create a rich, tactile texture."

While there, Bob also had the pleasure of visiting with our alum, Steve Voigt (for the first time in 22 years) and Erin Lesser (wife of NIU School of Music professor Greg Beyer, and who performed two works on the program with the ensemble, Wet Ink).

Two weeks earlier, a new (still shorter) version, "Loretto Alfresco (piccolo)," received its first performances during the International Computer Music Conference (June 1-5), held both in New York City and at Stony Brook University--where it was heard every day as part of "360 degrees of 60x60," a six-hour international mix of electro-acoustic miniatures, each lasting no more than 60 seconds.

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