Samba Group Performs at Women's Soccer Games

Clarice Castilho (second from left, above) is an NIU percussion major who hails from Brazil. "Ever since I started my undergraduate studies at NIU in the fall of 2007, I have had the desire to play samba at the NIU soccer games," says Clarice. "Growing up in Brazil made me develop a passion for both soccer and music, especially because my sister was a soccer player."

Clarice's dream recently became a reality, when, with the support of percussion professor Greg Beyer, she and four additional percussion students performed samba at the September 10 NIU Women's Soccer Team game vs. Illinois State University.

Head Women's Soccer coach Carrie Barker stated "Clarice and the rest of the group were great. We look forward to seeing and hearing them again!"

Clarice went on to explain: "It was a great experience for all of us. Coach Barker and some of the players came to thank us in person for the moral support that the samba group provided. It was great to see how the NIU players reacted positively to the sound of the drums, and the spectators were even dancing. We all had a great experience playing for the hard working athletes and truly hope the NIU samba group has more chances to spread positive energy across campus."

Look for the NIU Samba Group at upcoming women's soccer games and other events on campus throughout the year.

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