Manny Hernandez Continues to Save Lives

Manny, right, helping to construct the kiln in Burkina Faso

The completed kiln in Burkina Faso

Water filter production facility in Ghana

Manny Hernandez, Professor Emeritus from the NIU School of Art, is busier than ever working with local residents throughout the world to provide potable water to their communities. As frequent readers of this blog know, Manny developed an inexpensive ceramic water filter that costs approximately $30.00 to make and will last a family of five for five years.

In the past two months Manny has been in Burkina Faso, Ghana, the Dominican Republic and Haiti building kilns and filter production facilities. One of Manny's former students, Lisa Ballantine, who owns and operates a non-profit organization devoted to producing these filters, just opened a filter production facility in Haiti with Manny's help. Manny will return to Haiti in 2011 following trips back to Ghana and the Dominican Republic. While in Haiti this next time, Manny will work on opening another filter production facility.

For more information on Manny's great work, see page 10 in this publication.

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