Art Faculty Members Invited for Collaboration

"The De-Creationists"

Obermeier and Barnes

Jamie Obermeier and Michael Barnes, faculty members in the NIU School of Art, were invited to participate in a collaborative exhibition to be held at the Fine Arts Center Gallery at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago from February 14 - March 18th. This exhibition teams up a metal smiths and printmakers from a number of schools around the country, where each team is asked to collaborate to create two works of art. For Jamie and Michael, this is their first collaboration, but is a perfect fit in regards to each of their own unique styles of working. The two panels that they created are designed to work together as a piece, titled "The De-Creationists." In their own work, each artist deals with various issues relating to the environment, society, and politics, combined with personal narratives. This piece addresses some of these concerns. The strange birdlike creature, riding on a cart cast in bronze from a clay sculpture and Legos, is equipped with devices to both cut down objects and then to collect the remnants for re-constitution. The overall effect is a sort of duality between creation and destruction, with destruction playing a slightly stronger role. In this piece, Barnes worked in collaboration with Obermeier to sculpt and then cast the bronze sculptural elements, and then to assemble the entire work with laminated lithographs added to the panel to expand the narrative with the birdmen creatures.

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