School of Music and Art Museum Present Collaborations

The NIU School of Music and the NIU Art Museum are collaborating on several exhibitions and performances over the next few weeks.

The first such collaboration is "Visual Music," for which there will be a museum opening at 4:30 on March 31, and a concert in the Recital Hall in the Music Building beginning at 8:00 that evening.

Professor Robert Fleisher of the School of Music has been working with musicologist and composer Theresa Sauer over a period of months in developing the exhibition and performances. Ms. Sauer is known for her collection of visually stimulating musical scores in the "Notations 21" book she published in 2009. Several of the scores included in the book will be on exhibit at the Art Museum.

The "Visual Music" concert will feature music by several composers whose work is included in NOTATIONS 21: Theresa Sauer, Kyong Mee Choi (Roosevelt University), Paul Paccione (Western Illinois University), John Cage (whose 1969 book, NOTATIONS, was the inspiration for Ms. Sauer's recent volume), and Robert Fleisher. NIU music student performers include Ramses Bugarin, Collin Clauson, Dan Pratt, Joel Ream, Ted Lempkowski, and alum Richard Moore. School of Music faculty member Diane Ragains will perform Cage's ARIA with FONTANA MIX (both from 1958). In addition to Ms. Sauer, composers Kyong Mee Choi and Paul Paccione will be joining us for the occasion.

For a list of other events surrounding these collaborations, see this article on NIU Today.

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