Theatre Faculty Member Has Play Published

The Chicago Cast of "Sullivan"

Luke Krueger, faculty member in the NIU School of Theatre and Dance, just received word that his play, "Sullivan: The Place Where People Come to Die," will be published and marketed by Next Stage Press. Congratulations, Luke!

"Sullivan: The Place Where People Come to Die" is about the small town of Sullivan, located just outside of the city of Nowhere. Sullivan is odd in that specially themed funeral homes are the only commerce; the mayor is openly crooked; the wealthiest man in town donates his money to build bell towers on college campuses and preserving mascots with offensive Native American themes; a woman in town speaks only in lines from "The Princess Bride"; and virgin births seem to be a nonchalant announcement. This is what Eric Sullivan returns to for his ten-year high school reunion, at which he discovers that out of a class of 99, no one remembers him. Since leaving Sullivan, he became a decorated war hero while suffering severe wounds fighting in Mogadishu (which the town thought was a short lived television show), and after his military service, he became quite wealthy. His return home is partly to re-establish a lapsed romantic relationship, but he is in on business. At a town ceremony, he lets the town know he has copyrighted the name "Sullivan." The town must rebuild the school library, or he will bankrupt them with royalties. The town's plan: Kill G.I. Joe.

The show had its Chicago debut last April. Prior to that it debuted in Phoenix, and was given a developmental reading through Blue Roses Productions in New York City.

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