Music Professor Publishes New Work

Tom Bough, Associate Professor in the NIU School of Music and Director of the NIU Huskie Marching Band, recently had his largest arrangement to date, the Concerto in Eb, composed by J.G. Neruda, published and released by Cimarron Music Press.

The Concerto in Eb was written for an early form of the trumpet accompanied by strings and harpsichord. The original instrument was most likely the “corno-da-caccia,” or hunting horn, which, although similar in size and shape to a small French horn, did not possess valves. The player would have created the various pitches of the melody strictly by the manipulation of the lips and air. The composer, Johann Baptist Georg Neruda was believed to have been born in Rositz, Germany around 1708. He performed as a traveling violinist and composer until joining the chapel orchestra in Dresden (Germany) in 1750. He lived, composed and performed there until his death in 1780.

Cimarron is a prominent publishing house from the East Coast, owned by former Coast Guard Band commander Maj. Lewis J. Buckley. Cimarron publishes over 3,000 pieces of music, and is considered one of the most substantial publishing house for professional brass repertoire.

Tom will conduct the NIU premiere of this work in November of 2011 joined by NIU trumpet professor Dr. Mark Ponzo. This performance will be at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The concert will also include a performance by a massed trumpet ensemble of high school students, the NIU trumpet studio, and band directors.

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