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College of Visual & Performing Arts – September Events
September 15, 2011
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Early Fall exhibitions will celebrate wit, social commentary, process and technique in variously scaled contemporary sculpture.

August 23 – October 29, 2011

In the House: Sculpture for the Home

While focus has often been on large-scale outdoor public displays of sculpture, In the House surveys smaller work appropriate for the interiors of the home. Group exhibition of contemporary tabletop and wall sculpture in various media and techniques explore a variety of concerns, issues, processes and techniques. Includes Jerry Bleem, Juan Angel Chavez, Michael Ferris, Michael Gross, John Himmelfarb, Gary Justis, Michael Ransdell and Margaret Wharton. Guest curated by sculptor/educator/collector Michael Bennett.

In the Studio and In the Garden: John Balsley Sculpture and Collage

Solo show of figurative metal sculpture and colorful collage prints by Northern Illinois University alum John Balsley. Having had a long career as a noted sculptor, Balsley’s latest ventures have been into what he terms “extreme collage” – multi-layered, detailed pieces balancing between the advances of technology and the primacy of the hand-wrought. Curated by Lee Sido, Associate Professor of Art.

On the Body and In the Hand

Small scale contemporary metalwork and jewelry. Invitational group show organized by guest curator Jamie Obermeier, Associate Professor, Metals Coordinator, and Board of Directors, SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths).


August 29 - October 13 – Jack Olson Gallery

Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art

Featured artists Jeff Crisman, Glen C. Davies, Gary Dobry, Ellen Greene, Maren Erwin, Michael Ferris Jr. & Mitch O' Connell utilize the universality of tattoo imagery as a means for expression.
Curated by Agnes Ma and Peter Van Ael
Reception & gallery talks Thursday, September 22, 4:30-6:00

Guest Speaker: Jeff Crisman

The Jack Olson Gallery will host guest lecturer Jeff Crisman - an artist whose work is currently on display in the show Inked - on Thursday, September 15, at 5:00pm. The lecture will be held in VAB 102.

Guest Artist Performance: Ryder Cooley

Guest artist Ryder Cooley will conduct a performance on Sunday, September 25th, at 7:00pm. The performance will take place outdoors in the NIU School of Music's west courtyard.
Cooley is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and musician. Her work weaves together chimeric visions and the residue of daily life to reveal a terrain of lost dreams and phantom memories. Ryder Cooley works with found materials and personal mythologies to create cinematic performances and installation spaces.

Guest Speaker: Gary Dobry

The Jack Olson Gallery will host guest speaker Gary Dobry this month. Dobry will speak on Monday, September 26, at 5:00pm, in VAB 102.


Participate in a rehearsal of one of our ensembles, for FREE!
CSA Symphonette - September 20, 5- 5:55 p.m., Room 161, Music Building


John Fairfield
faculty horn recital
Date: 9/15/2011 | Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Recital Hall

NIU Wind Ensemble -LIVE WEBCAST!!
Date: 9/22/2011 | Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Boutell Memorial Concert Hall
Ronnie Wooten, director

Stefon Harris, guest jazz vibraphonist -LIVE WEBCAST!!
Date: 9/27/2011 | Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Recital Hall

NIU Philharmonic -LIVE WEBCAST!
Date: 9/28/2011 | Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Boutell Memorial Concert Hall
Lucia Matos, director

Cheng-Hou Lee, faculty cello -LIVE WEBCAST!!
Date: 9/29/2011 | Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Recital Hall

Fareed Haque, faculty guitar recital -LIVE WEBCAST!!
Date: 9/30/2011 | Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Music Building | Room: Boutell Memorial Concert Hall


Upcoming Production - Sep 22-25, 28-Oct 2, 2011
O’Connell Theatre
Theophilus North

In the spring of 1926, Theophilus North, a 30-year-old New Jersey school teacher, quits his job and sets out for some fun and to find his place in the world. However, he makes it only so far as Newport, Rhode Island, a mere 200 miles from home, when his car breaks down.

Stranded in a community of substantial wealth, Theophilus supports himself with odd jobs in the elegant mansions along Ocean Drive. Soon the young man finds himself playing the roles of tutor, spy, confidant, lover, friend, and enemy as he becomes entangled in the intrigues of both upstairs and downstairs in a glittering society dominated by leisure.

Based on the novel by Thornton Wilder, the last of his works published during his lifetime, Theophilus North is a fascinating coming-of-age story from the vantage point of age, and deftly displays Wilder’s trademark wit juxtaposed with his lively and timeless ruminations on what really matters about life, love, and work at the end of the day.

"Hope pulses so strongly through Theophilus North.... Burnett injects his script with cosmic scope.... Imaginative, forceful theater.... Charming and breathtaking all at once.... In the spirit of Wilder and with a dramatic vigor all its own, the play turns large-hearted living into art." --Mark Blankenship, Variety

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