Painting Professor has Show in New York

Frank Trankina, professor of painting in the NIU School of Art, will have his works shown at the Regina Rex Gallery as part of the show entitled "Deja Vu."

As the Regina Rex website explains: "This exhibition features works that reveal the process of their own making while sharing an interest in form and illusion. Often made in one medium and then again in another, each artist in the exhibition appropriates images and materials from their own studio practice. Most use painting as either the origin or the destination for a given work. Not unlike experiencing the uncanny sensation that a present event may have occurred in the past, all the works featured have been made once, and then again."

In Frank's case, he places items in a still-life arrangement, and then creates a painting of the still-life.

The show runs from October 22 to November 20. Congratulations, Frank!

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