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Internet2 Recognizes Efforts of NIU School of Music

During the fall member meeting of Internet2, the NIU School of Music was a vital partner in demonstrating a new technology known as LOLA. This LOw LAtency software product allowed for two musicians, 1000 miles apart, to perform together live and in high definition.

Paul Bauer, Director of the NIU School of Music, Dan Nichols, School of Music technology expert, and Cheng-Hou Lee, professor of 'cello and member of NIU's Avalon String Quartet, were all instrumental in making this work. Cheng-Hou performed in DeKalb in the School of Music's recital hall, while violinist Marjorie Bagley performed at the conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.

An excellent article on the Internet2 website may be found here.

Art Professor's and Students' Work on Exhibition at Norris Center

NIU School of Art professor Charlotte Rollman and several of her graduate students will have their works on display at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles. The exhibition is entitled Turn It On Its Side and opens Saturday, January 14, 2012.

Charlotte tells us, "Turn It On Its Side is a comment on my art critiquing style. When one looks so intensely at one's own art you can't see where the problems are.

"So, by looking at the art on it's side or even upside down, it becomes very clear and easily finished. The continuing advanced students are so used to me moving their art, it was an obvious choice for the title for our group exhibit. The quilt design is a great impression of our critiques by the quality and variety, something I take pride in as well."

The graduate students represented in the show are from the fall Hoffman Estates classes that Charlotte teaches under the auspices of NIU's College of Visual and Performing Arts external programs off…

Two Music Professors Earn Kudos in Chicago Tribune

Art Davis

Tom Garling

Chicago Tribune arts critic and noted jazz aficionado Howard Reich wrote a nice review of the recent performance of the Chicago Jazz Orchestra. In the review, Reich singles out a few of the members of the CJO, including two who are on the NIU School of Music faculty - Art Davis and Tom Garling.

Of Art Davis, Reich says "Two veteran soloists stood out...Art Davis...kept his lines lean and sleek, a sharply conceived counterpoint to Schneider's arabesques. Here were fire and ice playing off of one another to striking effect."

Reich points out Tom Garling by writing "The first set's tour de force came in trombonist Tom Garling's "Metamorphosis," ...(which) unfolded as a miniature jazz concerto, Garling's trombone lines riffing head-to-head against the band in some passages, riding its rhythmic thrust in others."

The entire review may be found here.

Congratulations Art and Tom!