Time Arts Professor Presents at Major Conference

Bart Woodstrup, Assistant Professor in the NIU School of Art (Time Arts) will be presenting his piece "Climate Control" at the 2012 International Symposium of Electronic Art in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Climate Control: Weather Damage Modification Program is an interactive video installation that uses a control panel as an interface to hypothetically control the weather. Climate Control allows the viewer the experience of physically placing their hand on the controls of climate to manipulate a representation of it. The naming of the controls and the visual effect they produced was inspired by actual parameters associated with weather events.

Bart's work investigates the relationship between environmental issues and new technology - specifically, the cultural integration of these issues and technologies as well as the increasing desire for technology to solve the culminating problems of overpopulation, pollution, global warming, etc. Through this artwork, he attempts to reveal contemporary thoughts and concerns, instigate conversations about power, technology, and change, and possibly create new mythologies.

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