NIU Traveling Art Exhibits Becoming Popular

 "Green Scale" at Elgin Public Museum

 "Tattoo" at Central Michigan University

The NIU College of Visual and Performing Arts began an initiative two years ago, to turn popular exhibits curated by the students in our Museum Studies program into traveling exhibits, when appropriate. The fruits of those labors are paying off, with two such exhibitions having been picked up by other museums.

"The Green Scale: Weighing in on the Green Movement" recently closed at the Elgin Public Museum of Natural History, where it was on view from mid-July through mid-September.

"Tattoo: An American Evolution" recently closed at Central Michigan University (Park Library). The exhibition was on view August 13-Sept. 21.

Congratulations to our students, as well as Peter Van Ael, Olson Gallery Director, who oversees these projects.

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