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Faculty Composer's Work Included in Noted Recording Series

NIU School of Music Professor Robert Fleisher's Loretto Alfresco, a tape piece created when the composer was only 17 years old, was selected for this year's SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures series, an annual album release of fixed-media works addressing a specific theme. The theme for 2012 is "Re-Caged." Re-Caged: At a time when monoculture seeks to overturn all history of diversity, John Cage's 100th birthday serves as a reminder that it is the spirit of mavericks, not conformism, that changes the world. Loretto Alfresco combines two elements that played significant roles in John Cage's creative output: percussion and electro-acoustic music. Created in 1970, its sound sources include pots, pans, pipes, and other objects played by the composer's childhood friend, Thomas Loretto, under a tree on a farm in Wisconsin.

After resting comfortably in the composer's archives for nearly four decades, Loretto Alfresco was premiered in 2009 during the inaugural…

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