Music Professor Makes Presentations

Tom Bough

Dr. Thomas Bough, the Director of NIU's Huskie Marching Band and Professor of Music in the NIU School of Music, will make presentations at two state conventions in January. 

On Jan. 18, he will present at the Indiana Music Educators Convention in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. His session is entitled, "Drumline for Band Directors: 411 or 911." The session describes common problems that band directors who are NOT percussionists might encounter with their drumlines, along with real-world solutions to those problems. 

On January 25, Bough has two events at the Illinois Music Educators Convention in Peoria, Illinois. The first is a session at 9:30 entitled "Dixieland 101: The Use of the Tuba in Early Jazz." This lecture is based on his DMA dissertation from Arizona State, and utilizes authentic recordings to demonstrate the evolution and construction of early jazz bass lines. The second event will be the performance of his "Concerto for Euphonium", as played by one of the commission sponsors of this piece, the Freeport High School Band, under the direction of Bill Peterson, one of the former directors of the Phantom Regiment. Bill is flying in Dr. Demondrae Thurman from the University of Alabama to perform the piece, the artist for whom the piece was written.

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