Time Arts Professor's Work Shown in Istanbul

Bart Woodstrup, assistant professor of Time Arts in the NIU School of Art and Design, collaborated with interdisciplinary artist C. Ryder Cooley on a work entitled Animalia. Bart designed and provided the animations for the work.

Having had presentations in various locations throughout the United States, Animalia is currently being shown (July 1-10) at "Pixels of Identities" at the Mixer Gallery, Istanbul.

"Pixels of Identities" explores all the different facets of social, physical and cultural identities of our contemporary societies. Animalia is an animated fable that invokes visions of secret bee societies and haunted circus scenes and is about a girl who must learn to fly in order to escape from social distress, environmental destruction and the threat of impending war. The Animalia story was developed and designed by C. Ryder Cooley and the animation was done by Bart Woodstrup. Ralph Brill is the Producer and the video is being represented by Brill Gallery, North Adams, MA.

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