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This is what I said last night at the Convocation:

We are so proud to celebrate the great work of our students.We are so proud of the learning, and making, and thinking, that is happening in our classrooms, studios, stages, and concert halls.We are so proud of you, the next generation of artists, scholars, teachers, doers, makers—Generation Renaissance—who will have careers in the world and a life in the arts.Who will do well, who will do good, who will do better.
We convene tonight to celebrate –our work and each other.We come together as a community, recognizing that art, artists, scholars, teachers, audiences do well, do good, do better in communion with one another.Although we may work alone in a studio or practice room or study carrel, or in small groups in the rehearsal hall, or even within our Schools, when we are exposed to other forms, other minds, other art, we are invigorated, our im…